Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mostly Rhinos (just because...)


Pete Emslie said...

I suppose that drunken sea lion with the big shnozz could be called "Rye Nose", therefore achieving some consistency with the other sketches. :)

By the way, a belated "Welcome Back, Will!" - we missed you, ya' rascal!

Will Finn said...

Thanks Pete!

Mike Caracappa said...

These are awesome! That sea lion is just great. I love your blog and have been following it since it started. Do you mind if I ask where you work now? Are you still at Disney? And have you ever worked in TV animation? Your designs seem like they would be geared towards TV.

Will Finn said...

Hi Mike, thanks for your kind comments, i remember you checking in in the past, glad you are still here.

I have not worked for Disney much in recent years, tho i am still employed on feature films as a "day job" currentlystoryboarding on my third independently produced film in a row. except for a 6 month stretch on "HE-MAN" in the 80's i have not worked in TV full-time, tho LOTS of free-lance gigs have been for TV, even recently.

Speaking of which i hope that bird on your shoulder is not as obnoxious as "Iago"!

I see what you mean about my style, which has gotten goonier over time. since i don't get to animate any more i have slipped away from that traditional features look i sweated so much blood to learn back in the day (which was back when people still said things like "back in the day")...

Mike Caracappa said...

That bird on my shoulder is the All American Ramjet bird...never gets annoying, just not very bright :)

I love that your style has gotten goonier over the years. I grew up always believing I'd become a Disney guy, but as much as I've tried to go in that direction my way of drawing just never seems to want to match that style, which makes me wonder if I'm destined to go in a different direction. TV just seems like it offers a lot more freedom in terms of what you can do with drawing style as well as writing. I'm working with my partner to develop a primetime animated show. We both have found our biggest inspirations coming from the likes of Jay Ward cartoons and Roger Ramjet (not that it wasn't obvious with my joke up there ;) ) But the timing on those cartoons is unbelievable, and its had a huge influence on us. We watched a 6 minute Ramjet cartoon and there must of been at least 50 gags crammed in there, and yet the whole thing has a flow and a style that works beautifully, without feeling rushed or overdone. I just think there's something incredible about those cartoons of the 30's thru the 60's, with Flescier's, Warners, Jay Ward, Ramjet, etc...Disney has primarily dominated what has been considered "quality animation" today. But thank god Walt was smart enough to get somebody like Ward Kimball in there, who not only kept up with new trends in television, but its as if having him there helped ground them and remind them they're still making cartoons. And remind them its animation and it can do anything!

I think we have some good cartoons made today, but I also feel like the importance of what made those golden age cartoons so solid is missing a little bit now, despite how much they are admired by show creators today. I'm 31, but I know some show creators who are my age who I think should be looking a lot harder at those cartoons from the 40's, 50's, and 60's. The best ones are so funny that kids can enjoy them but there's always that adult angle in the writing that gives it that level of maturity. What's considered "adult" humor today is more like college humor, which seems more like adolescence disguised as mature writing. The most popular TV cartoons on right now just aren't doing it for me, because they don't seem nearly as sophisticated in their humor as they'd like to make themselves out to be. My favorite cartoon right now is Super Chicken. He gets his powers from drinking a martini. That's the greatest thing I've ever seen! I know you probably couldn't get away with something like that today...but the cartoon actually had something to say, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it was one of the first superhero spoofs ever, doing kind of a riff on James Bond with a martini that gives him powers!

I will always love the Disney stuff, because its what got me into animation, and I haven't quite gone to the John K side of the force and say Disney has ruined everything...but I think a lot of what John says is right on in terms of the craftsmanship, style, and the wonderful writing those early cartoons possessed that just seems missing in cartoons today. I just think those early cartoons are so much more grown up....and I think its why kids loved them so much too.

Anyway, I'm rambling. But you as a Disney animator doing a totally looney style of drawing is the greatest thing ever. The day my partner and mine's show gets picked up, and if for some reason they hand you a red slip at feature, at our place you're hired! Your title will be 'Supervising Animation Overlord'. You'll receive a free cape and a pitchfork, and possibly a gold-plated Cintiq in your office. They have that at Dreamworks, right? Gotta make our employees happy! :)

Okay, it's past 3:am now, I think I'm about done! At any rate, your work inspires me, so thank you, and thanks for keeping this blog going and also listening to my thoughts about animation.

Will Finn said...

Thanks Mike, i am truly flattered. We must be cut from the same cloth because SUPER CHICKEN is hands-down my favorite Jay Ward character.