Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blog Plug : Cartoon-a-day keeps something something away

Crazy busy again, so no new stuff from me for at least a week, but for a while I've been meaning to recommend one of my favorite sites to anybody who doesn't already know about it.

YOUR DAILY CARTOON is exactly that (well it's not exactly always a cartoon, but it's technically always animation and the title is righteous anyway). The blog owner "Kinky Boot Beast" (props for the YELLOW SUBMARINE reference) has faithfully posted one or more films a day for several years now. They range from Disney and Tex Avery classics to contemporary gems from the likes of David O Reilly and Don Hertzfeld and a stunning variety of brilliant student and professional films from faraway places and talented names not familiar enough in the mainstream. The techniques and subject matter (some NSFW) are as varied as the runtimes (all the way up to feature legnth!). All in all, "Kinky's" taste is as commendable as it is eclectic. A high batting average of the films are either ones I have never seen before thus widening my scope, and a few I have not seen in such a long time it doesn't hurt to see them again.

I can enthusiastically recommend these recent favorites to name just a few: (click the titles to link to the films)

Animalia: (Stick with it, it gets better as it goes along)

Variations on a Dragon (incomplete, but what's there is ch'erce).

Latex (Should have considered the title LATEX AVERY imo!)

And this is one no one should go without seeing:

The consistency of this blog is so daunting to keep up with, I confess I don't always make it every day, but since there is an archive I go several times a week and catch up when time doesn't permit a daily visit...

Check it out, if you haven't already.

(Thanks KBB!)


Mike Caracappa said...

Wow, I LOVE this! Thank you for sharing!

David de Rooij said...

Will you be at CTNX?

Will Finn said...

Hi David

It looks like I will not be there, due to a schedule conflict. : (

kinky_boot_beast said...

Robert Sakahyants is a swaggering badass, no?

I saw you linked my blog last month, but I was very busy with some elaborate and time consuming procrastination projects. Hi Will!

kinky_boot_beast said...

Robert Sakahyants is a swaggering badass, no?

Hi Will!

kinky_boot_beast said...

I thought the internets ate my posts. Awkward.

Will Finn said...

Never awkward! It happens a lot given that I employ the whole tedious comment moderation process... I even moderate my own comments, THAT's how cautious i am!!!

And yeah! Robert S is king! You've posted more of his films than I knew existed on YDC...

Cheers KBB! Thanks!