Tuesday, April 3, 2012

JOHN A. JOHNS Caricatures

Caricature artist supreme DREW FRIEDMAN recently paid homage to JOHN A. JOHNS, a Pittsburgh PA area caricaturist who's brilliant images graced the cover of the local TV listings for decades. By the time I knew him he was President of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where I attended from 1976 - 1978.

He could draw anybody and capture a likeness in seconds. He used to demonstrate his incomparable skills to us students, as well as show slides of his work, like this Carol Burnett.

Every slide brought gasps of awe and gales of laughter, he was as gifted as they come and though he did do one spot for MAD (included in Drew Friedman's post) he mostly stayed local, where he was beloved, both at the school and in print circles.

Pittsburgh's greatest caricaturist and one of caricature's greatest advocates: John A. Johns, (1921- 2005)

Thanks DF and Zach Trenholm