Sunday, January 20, 2013

Poor internet, I keed. For at least the third year in a row I vow to limit my net distractions. On days when I can manage this, I get a lot more done. Love the web, hate the wastes of time I give over to it.


Mike Caracappa said...

Yeah, its tempting to let the hours fly by online. Just remember, Satan also runs Starbucks, so you might want to read that Wifi disclaimer before clicking the accept button.

Pablo F said...

Mr. Finn, I do apologise for asking this here as it has nothing to do with your drawing (although I love it, in fact you have a fantastic style, I specially liked that gorgeous girl a couple of posts down, and I find even more amazing that you have worked from films like NIMH to Aladdin!), but going back to my point I would like if you confirm me something:

Recently, searching for some info regarding the production of The Road to El Dorado, I learned that supposedly you had an original first cut which was more darker, in which Miguel was killed was Cortes!
This really interested me, because the final cut of the movie seems to have quite interfered during post-production. Could you confirm is this true and, if so, tells us more about it? It's merely out of curiosity.

Thank you so much in advance, and keep up the good work! I can't wait for what you'll be doing with your new Oz movie :)

Best wishes,

Will Finn said...

Hi Pablo,

Thanks for your kind comments.

The first drafts of the EL DORADO outline and maybe a very early rough story reel did have Miguel die, yes, but I can't remember who killed him, it may have been Cortes but it may have been the witch doctor character.

The tone of the story up to that point was always seriocomic (like the finished movie), and everyone agreed the death did not fit in after one or two versions. By the time animation production began any version of that ending was scrapped.