Saturday, September 7, 2013

Chinese Mystery Print / Happy Centennial Sheilah Beckett

Lief Peng recently reported the centennial birthday of illustrator extra ordinaire SHEILAH BECKETT. Check out the post, it includes a beautiful illo by the great lady herself and a link to a FaceBook page where her fans can contribute her well wishes. You can also comment on Lief's post as well.

I have been a lifelong fan of Ms. Beckett's and have been happy to have introduced her to readers of this blog. A few years back after her son encouraged me to contact her, I did send her an email and an order for two of her beautiful prints for sale. She was kind enough to answer me back in a nice hand-written note that accompanied the prints....

I currently don't have any new Sheila Beckett scans to post here, but by co-incidence I had lunch yesterday in a Chinese restaurant at Vencie Beach, where the walls are adorned with mid-century cold-war images. This one large framed print has always reminded me of Ms. Beckett's work and though I am sure she and her fans would note the differences, I also see a general sense of mastery in the poses, expressions and proportions of the figures, (all expert) as well as the pleasant color and compositions too.

I repeat, not Ms. Beckett's work surely, but if anybody knows who may have rendered this image and when, I'd be interested in hearing from you...

Happy Birthday Sheilah!

(Thanks Lief Peng!)

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