Saturday, December 7, 2013

Fan Mail From Some Flounder...

My friend and colleague, director Darrell Van Citters has published his second book: THE ART OF JAY WARD PRODUCTIONS, a copiously illustrated and thoroughly researched visual history of the studio behind BULLWINKLE, SUPER CHICKEN, CAP'N CRUNCH and many other memorable characters from the baby boom era. There have only been two prior books on Jay Ward that I can think of: THE MOOSE THAT ROARED, a highly recommended bio-history by Keith Scott, and a previous, forgettable "coffee-table" book that can only be politely described as a missed opportunity.

Darrell's superb book rectifies that opportunity with its knowledgeably enjoyable text and a generous truckload of behind-the-scenes artwork and photos, much of which are more visually satisfying than what wound up on screen due to production limitations of the day, (something pretty much typical of every made-for-TVstudio back then.) The chronology is beautifully organized, featuring individual bios of all the key personnel, interviews, concise commentary and of course lots of ingeniously silly drawings. Enough from me, just get it!

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