Wednesday, May 7, 2014

LEGENDS OF OZ opens this Friday

Check out this new trailer for LEGENDS OF OZ / DOROTHY'S RETURN, the movie I directed along with fellow ex-Disney alumnus Daniel St. Pierre (who also art directed). Very honored to have been involved with this film, spearheaded by the Carroll Bros' brand new SUMMERTIME ENTERTAINMENT, produced by veteran producer Bonne Radford (CURIOUS GEORGE) and released by Clarius. Voices include GLEE's Lea Michele, Martin Short, Oliver Platt and Megan Hilty. This is the first time I have directed a movie outside the big studio system and every day I was astonished at the hard work and talent that came out to be part of it, including brilliant animators like Ken Duncan and Dougg Williams, editorial staff from projects ranging from RATATOUILLE (Stan Webb) to Disney's PLANES (Dan Molina). Songs include tunes from Bryan Adams and the rich soundtrack score (which was recorded on the same soundstage as the 1939 MGM OZ movie!) is by BURN NOTICE composer Toby Chu. Come out and see it this Mother's Day weekend and bring your Mom!

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Patrick said...

My best wishes for you Will ,Dan and all the success for the legends of Oz !!!!