Monday, May 19, 2014

Patrick Mate

How did I get so lucky to meet, know and work with so many talented people? Patrick Mate is at least several of them (!) being a fine animator, a master designer and one of the most remarkably gifted caricaturists around. He has broken his regular BLOG up into several sites now, including one dedicated just to the caricatures alone. It is not to be missed. Visit it HERE.  
 I cannot get over the array of styles and media Patrick puts to use and always nailing the resemblance with humor and his own cartoony grace. 

OSS-117 is one of my favorites. When I saw this movie on Netflix, Patrick was the first person I called to share my joy of it. He of course had seen it and loved it too. We laughed like loons over the phone at  Jean Dujardin's astute capture of James Bond knockoffs. I still like it better than THE ARTIST. 

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Patrick said...

Thank you Will,I' m very very very touch by your post.